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Can anyone offer me a summary of South Park episode

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South Park Episode 201?

South Park Show Summary South Park is an award-winning animated series from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They have invented a whole town full of colorful personalities, where a group of eight-year-old boys try to understand the world around them.

Nov 30,  · South Park has been pretty darned consistent this season, and "Not Funny" was no exception. This episode defied its title as it lampooned President Garrison, dredged up Author: Jesse Schedeen. South Park has never been better in Season 19 - with some truly brilliant episodes and writing that culminates in one of the most ambitious finale the show has ever conceived.

MatthewM. Super Reviewer. The show starts off with the build up from last season's cliffhanger revolving around Cartman's paternal origins. However, just as it seems they are about to get on with the second half of "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut," they do a degree turn-around and reveal that for April Fool's Day they will be showing Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus.".

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South parks episode 201 summary
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