Should children be spanked

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8 Reasons to Spank Your Kids

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Should Parents Spank Young Kids?

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Should kids be spanked

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Timid, approval-seeking kids are usually good with a time-out. But there are some children who like to push their limits. Those are the children who may require a pop.

Children Should Not Be Spanked Essay Sample Spanking is the method that parents use the most when they hit their children with the intention of disciplining them. Spanking is still widely accepted in American society, which renders a controversial issue. Were you spanked as a child?

Then you may think it's a good way to guide a child. Or maybe you don't want to spank, but you find yourself doing it because you don't know how else to get through to your child.

Spanking — usually defined as hitting a child on the buttocks with an open hand — is a common form of discipline still used on children worldwide. However, to date, spanking has been banned in. The Bible’s View. Should Children Be Spanked? YOU may have been present when unruly children were noisily disturbing all those nearby.

“If they were mine,” .

Should children be spanked
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