Phys 305 experiment 2

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Physics in a minute: The double slit experiment

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Focus: Centennial Focus: Millikan’s Measurement of Planck’s Constant

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What is the difference between the inertial and gravitational mass?

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Description. Hours: Three hours lecture per week Prerequisite: PHYS and MATH Description: Addresses the behavior of energy and matter in systems having a great many particles. We report on the simultaneous determination of complementary wave and particle aspects of light in a double-slit type “welcher-weg” experiment beyond the limitations set by Bohr’s Principle of Complementarity.

The purpose of this experiment is to learn how voltage and currents are generated and measured in the laboratory, and to investigate how voltage and current are related in. The wave–particle duality of electrons was demonstrated in a kind of two‐slit interference experiment using an electron microscope equipped with an electron biprism and a position‐sensitive electron‐counting system.

Such an experiment has been regarded as a pure thought experiment that can never be realized. This article reports an experiment that successfully recorded the actual.

Abstract. A model independent analysis of the super-symmetric electroweak contribution tog μ −2 is discussed within the framework ofN=1 Supergravity unified theory. A detailed comparison with existing experiment of two models (R.G.

and T.B.) is carried out.

Phys 305 experiment 2
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