Php fwrite array

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fread() - I/O Function

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To have PHP store form data in an array, you modify the name attribute of the input element to use array notation. The ____ function returns an array of elements that exist in one array but not in any other arrays to. If you're using object-orientated code in PHP you may, like me, want to use a call-back function that is inside an object (i.e.

a class function). In this case you send ob_start a two-element array as its single argument. The first element is the name of the object (without the. Mar 23,  · I've written a PHP application that reads a bunch of javascript array files, converts them into PHP arrays, loads them into a MySQL database and then, using PHP fwrite, creates new copies of the original javascript files.

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Php fwrite array
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$feedHandle = fopen('php://temp', 'rw+'); fwrite($feedHandle, $_feed); r -