Okra as adhesive

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pylori bacteria can infect one’s stomach lining and cause inflammation commonly known as gastritis. Fortunately, the juice of an Okra contains anti-adhesive compounds that bind itself to the free-floating bacteria inside our gut. OKRA (ABELMOSCHUS ESCULENTUS L.) AS AN ADHESIVE A RESEARCH PRESENTED FOR THE COMPLETION OF REQUIRMENTS PRESENTED BY: RIE AKANE CHRISTINE ANDREA DE LARA PRESENTED TO: MS.


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Background of the Study Plant mucilage is found in almost all classes of plants, usually in very small amount. matured or dried okra seeds b.

Okra: A Mucilaginous Vegetable That Sweeps the Colon of Waste

roasting pan c. osterizer or grinder d. turner Procedures: 1. Select matured or dried seeds and separate them from pods. 2. Prepare the roasting pan and the turner 3. ANS 2 - There are now hundreds of kinds of glue and adhesive, with many different ways to make them.

The juice of okra contains anti adhesive compounds that attach themselves to the bacteria in the gut. This prevents the bacteria form binding with the stomach lining.

Moreover, Okra is widely consumed in Asia and Africa with no reports of side effects on the digestive system. Since science always want to progress, this type of study will help the people in the scientific community like doctors, pathologists and medical technologies to increase their awareness that a plant specifically okra or lady’s finger can be an alternative adhesive like egg albumin that is commonly used in histopathology procedures.

Cures Ulcers: Okra contains the soluble adhesive that helps neutralize acids and gives a transitory defensive covering to the digestive tract accelerating the recuperating of peptic ulcers.

For Strong Bones: for the vital blood-clotting procedure, and alongside Folates, vitamin K is a co – element for reinforcing bones and counteracting.

Okra as adhesive
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