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5 Ways to Keep Your Skills and Knowledge Current

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How to Change Careers by Selling Your Skills

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Skill Tests

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Top 10 Employability Skills

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For a long time, I believed there was nothing I was specifically good at. Sure, I knew I liked to read and that I was okay with a pen, but I just didn't have confidence in my ability to be better than most people at something.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered that I do have innate talents and unique skills. Search all publicly-available, nationally recognised vocational education and training in Australia on My Skills.

What are my skills?

What job should I use my job skills on? Which careers suit my job skills? Take our Job Skill Tests to find out how to put your job skills to good use. Learn Excel, PowerPoint, Project Management, Finance, Design, Coding, and more from top industry experts.

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My skills
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