Most controversial economic function of government

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What are the economic functions of a government?

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Functions of Government

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1a. The Purposes of Government

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The Functions of the President

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1a. The Purposes of Government

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Chelsea A. Joffrion Econ Homework 11/21/11 1. Identify and briefly describe the main economic functions of government. What function do you think is the most controversial? The U.S. Economy: Private and Public Sectors ECO MICRO HYBRID CHAPTER 5 HOMEWORK HOMEWORK QUESTIONS Suggested problems are the questions in bold.

The other problems are for study.

Economy of Egypt

41 Distinguish between the functional and personal distribution of income. The economy of Egypt was a highly centralized planned economy focused on import substitution under President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

privatization of the state-owned Bank of Cairo, and inflation targeting are perhaps the most controversial economic issues in / and / External trade and remittances The government, however.

Most Controversial Economic Function Of Government. Functions Of Government Essay Functions of the government Government is not operated like an enterprise this is because it has authority over its people and property.

In order to ensure that a country is well governed, the government exercises its authority over its people by implementing laws, which people must follow and obey. Perhaps government responsibility to provide social programs to its citizens is the most controversial of all.

In the United States the tradition began with the New Deal programs, many of which provided people with relief through jobs, payments, and food. limited role for the government in economic affairs. In a market economy such as the one established by the U. S. Constitution, most Explain each of the six economic functions of government.

Solicit examples from the students for each function, and ask what would happen if government did not per-form this function.

Have the students.

Most controversial economic function of government
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