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CS 4460 - Information Visualization

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August in mind the life chart principles we covered in class. Homework 2: Data Exploration and Analysis. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with some experience exploring and analyzing data without using an information visualization is a data set (that can be imported into Excel, or any other data viewer you want to use) about cereals.

Essay about It Hw1 Page 1 of 2 King Saud University College of Computer and Information Sciences Information Technology Department IT Artificial Intelligence HOMEWORK 1 Q1: Problem formulation Three fathers with 3 children (A and his child CA, B and his child CB, and C and his child CC) are standing on side North of a river.

Department of Taxation and Finance Disability Income Exclusion New York State •ork CityNew Y • Yonkers IT Name(s) as shown on your return Social security number.

ITFall Homework 1 1. (10pts) Read the article found at: Give 3 pros and 3 cons of this technology arrangement. You may need to read some of the associated links.

1. In a reuse partitioning system, channels are assigned to inner cells and outer cells according to a 1-cell and 3-cell reuse plan respectively.

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Area of the inner cell is twice the area of the outer cell. If a total of channels are available, calculate the resulting number of channels per cell with reuse partitioning.

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