Hiv aids in bangladesh

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The hidden truth about HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh

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Educating drug users in Bangladesh about HIV/Aids risk

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We investigated the knowledge and perception about HIV/AIDS among the University students of Dhaka city in Bangladesh. A total number of respondents participated in the study.

Data were collected prospectively from different public and private Universities of Dhaka city in Bangladesh.

World Vision Schweiz HIV/AIDS-Prevention in Bangladesh World Vision Bangladesh's Mymensingh HIV and AIDS prevention Project works in 4 areas including the municipality of Mymensingh and three other sub districts in the Mymensingh and Tangail district, which are both border areas to India.

Bangladesh is still considered a low HIV prevalence country, but the epidemic is evolving rapidly. The rates of HIV infections are increasing at an alarming rate in. Interactive map of HIV services in countries and regions all over the world.

Information and statistics on HIV from reliable sources.

HIV/AIDS on the rise in Bangladesh

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Hiv aids in bangladesh
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