Corporate social responsibility and business

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14 Great Examples of Socially Responsible Businesses

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business initiatives that benefit society.

Improving our world and sharing our progress

These initiatives fall into three categories, often called the triple bottom line, which are social. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) promotes a vision of business accountability to a wide range of stakeholders, besides shareholders and investors.

Key areas of concern are environmental protection and the wellbeing of employees, the community and civil society in general, both now and in the future. Corporate responsibility or sustainability is therefore a prominent fea- ture of the business and society literature, addressing topics of business ethics, corporate social performance, global corporate citizenship, and stakeholder.

Jan 12,  · Susan is a serial connector, passionate cause marketer and corporate responsibility expert. She is founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy focusing on. Corporate social responsibility is imperative, as most consumers and job seekers consider how businesses deal with their environmental, social and economic impacts.

Read and learn more about our corporate social responsibility (or CSR) policies and practices. Microsoft is committed to making our planet a better place.

Read and learn more about our corporate social responsibility (or CSR) policies and practices. Our business practices and policies reflect our commitment to making a positive impact.

Corporate social responsibility and business
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Give Back with These 14 Socially Responsible Businesses