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In the same number, students in previous studies also had brushed instructors with different referencing methods at homeless institutions. Journal of Business ManagementEducation (JBME) is an online journal of undergraduate student in Business Management Education Departement, Faculty of Business Management Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Publishing every three times a year in May, September and December. The Journal of Malay Studies is published annually by Deparment of Publication, Academy of Malay Studies, University of Malaya. The journal publishes original articles based on professional policies, practices principles and progress in the field of Malay Studies.

A Directory of Business & Finance Magazines showing magazine name, region in which it's published and published language/s. Puget Sound Business Journal @PSBJ. Seattle-area business news, advice, events and more from the Puget Sound Business Journal.

rahmat, karunianya dapat menyelesaikan hasil dari Critical Journal Review (CJR) ini dengan baik meskipun banyak kekurangan didalamnya. Tidak lupa juga ucapan terimakasih terhadap pihak-pihak yang membantu dalam pembuatan Critical Journal Review ini, terutama kepada dosen pengampu mata kuliah Bahasa Inggris.

Alias, N & Siraj, S. (). Design And Development Of Physics Module Based On Learning Style And Appropriate Technology By Employing Isman Instructional Design Model. TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology – Octobervolume 11 Issue 4.

Pp. Biggs, J. (). Teaching for Quality Learning at University.

Business journal in bahasa
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