Breed specific legislation

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Breed-specific legislation

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Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

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A list of Arkansas cities and counties with breed-specific legislation, breed-specific pit bull ordinances and regulations for dangerous dog breeds. Breed Information Center!

Breed-Specific Policies: No Basis in Science

RPB strives to be the most complete Pit Bull site on the 'net. Use the navigation bar on the left to browse our extensive site. Breed Specific Legislation, i.e. targeting a particular breed such as American Pit Bull Terriers, has generally been discredited in actual experience of cities, professionals and academic research as being both ineffective and expensive.”.

10 hours ago · PARMA, Ohio -- Opponents of breed-specific legislation spoke at Monday's City Council meeting in hopes of persuading officials to lift the city's pit bull ban.

Breed specific legislation (BSL), also referred to as breed discriminatory legislation (BDL), is a law or ordinance that prohibits or restricts the keeping of dogs of specific breeds, dogs presumed to be specific breeds, mixes of specific breeds, and/or dogs presumed to be mixes of one or more of those breeds.

Breed specific legislation
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